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Following the successful strategy of asking clients to book early, we have already sold most of our 2021 tee times to new and existing clients. However there are still some available. In addition there are hundreds of ballot times available so we are still planning many trips to St Andrews and we will enter you in the ballot every day you are there until you are successful. (The good news is you will pay lower green fees for ballot times). If we have golf booked for you on the day you are successful in the ballot, then we can usually rearrange it to another time. The courses that we are working with in St Andrews area all understand that late changes are required due to the ballot process, and accordingly tee times are released and rebooked every day during the season.

Play the Old Course in 2020 – Late Availability

As we are authorised providers of Old Course tee times, we are informed when there has been a cancellation, usually with just 2-4 weeks notice. If you would like to be informed of late availability please register using the button below and we will inform you when tee-times become available. All tee times will be sold in conjunction with a minimum 4 day package, three rounds of golf (including Old Course). All tee-times will be guaranteed.

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Play the Old Course in 2021

It’s never too early to start planning your golf trip so if obtaining a guaranteed tee times on The Old Course is important to you, then book early.  As we have been appointed by St Andrews Links, an Authorised Provider of Old Course tee times we were expecting to be notified of our 2021 in  monthly allocations in February 2020. However due to the Coronavirus issues, and the rescheduling of the 150th Open Championship at St Andrews to 2022, this process has been delayed.  When the allocations do arrive we will be requesting our actual times and hope to be in receipt of these by June 2020. Bearing in mind that The Open will not be held on the Old Course until July 2022, we are hopeful  that 2021 season will be fully operational as usual.

Therefore we can be reasonably sure the times we are offering you in 2021 are likely to become available, but if we are wrong then we will make a full refund of any deposits you have paid – we can’t be fairer than that!

Ballot times
If you are not successful at acquiring a trade time, or a direct time, don’t despair. There are still plenty of ballot times. However the ballot takes place 2 days before play, so you will travel to St Andrews and then find out when you get there if you have got a ballot time. We will deal with the process of entering your names at the right time for your group. The ballot times are the least expensive method of acquiring a tee time.

In practise, we usually plan for groups wanting to play The Old Course to stay in St Andrews for at least 3 or 4 days and play other courses each day, keeping one day free for The Old Course. If you are unsuccessful in the ballot on the day we have kept free it, then we are usually able to rearrange tee times at the other courses you are playing, to make sure you play all the courses in your tour. We deal with all that for you when you are here.

All golfers will be required to produce handicap certificates to the Starter confirming their handicap is 24 or better for Gents and 36 or better for Ladies.

These should be requested in advance a few days before play. The caddies fee is approximately £65 including tip and should be paid in cash at the end of the round..

Carts are not available on the Old Course. A few carts are allowed for people who are registered disabled. Book it when you have obtained your tee time.

Pull trolleys
Pull trolleys are only available after 12 noon on The Old Course.

Please note that the course is always closed on Sundays.

Green fees
From 13 April 2020 to 17 October 2020 is £195

Don’t despair……as difficult as it sounds to get a time on the course, we are pleased to advise that we obtained daily ballot times for over 95% of golfers who booked with us, in April, May & June and over 75% in July and 50% in August. Scotland Tours have been arranging for thousands players from all over the world to play golf on The Old Course since 1997 and our reputation with the St Andrews Links is impeccable. Nobody tries harder to get you a time than Scotland Tours.

Scotland Tours PGA Coaching Session

All golf tours to Scotland, with 4 or more golfers, will have a complimentary 1 hour group coaching session included. Most of these sessions will be run by a PGA Professional and will be scheduled into your tour, usually on your arrival day or within a few days of arrival. If you prefer not to have this service please just tell us!

Arriving in Scotland to play many of the famous courses that are on most golfer’s bucket list, you will want to play your “A” game. Our Pro can help you out and give you the best possible start to your tour.

Not only do we want you to go home with great memories of an amazing trip, we want you to enjoy playing your best golf when you are here.

Book your next tour with Scotland Tours. ” we plan it – you play it”

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