With years of experience arranging fantastic tours for our clients, it’s no surprise we have accumulated lots of positive feedback. Below you will find a small selection of the many Testimonials we have received from our satisfied clients.

As background, I was a little sceptical of the value of a lesson with the pro on the first day of our trip. I thought the lesson was more of a nice gimmick than having any real benefit.

But, during and after the lesson time, we were all pleasantly surprised and thankful to have the opportunity with Iain Colquhoun at Dundonald Links.

Iain did a very good job with the 1 hour lesson time – spending time with each of us individually and as a group giving us tips on how to deal with the strong winds and turf conditions found at most Scottish courses. He was very knowledgeable and a very focused during the session ; also a great host and ambassador for golf – providing us with good advice for our play and stay overall.

As well, the 1 hour lesson provided us with a really good warm up session – which was good to have after spending the previous 16 hours traveling. And, since our first round was at Prestwick later that day, and there is no on-site range there, we were mostly warmed up for the first round.

That’s all – thanks, Woody

You folks get a 10/10! From the initial response to the several iterations that followed Kerry-Ann was phenomenal! She had an answer for every question we had and was very prompt in all of her responses.

I would also like to recognize Peter Mitchell who was quite the gentleman and provided us with excellent trip information. We had lots of questions and he readily addressed each and every one of them.

He also provided us with some swing tips during our practice session. I still think of one every time I’m over the ball and am improving every day.

Thank you

Peter, USA

If you are thinking about getting a group together and wonder what it might be like over there with a bunch of guys having some fun on the golf courses, have a look Steve’s video he made of his Scotland Golf Tours trip.

Steve will be known to many of you as the daytime host of the radio show on Yahoo Sports Radio in the US.

This is fun to watch!

Steve Czaban, Presenter, Yahoo Sports Radio

Just keep doing what you do best and that is unprecedented customer service. When we Googled “golf tours Scotland” you obviously know we received several results.

You were selected from 8 respondents and our group is so glad (and lucky) that Scotland Golf Tours was our selection.

We will all remember this trip forever. It was absolutely PERFECT!

Mike Rice, USA

Good morning Ronnie.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the incredible service my group experienced during our whirlwind four days in Scotland.

As you clearly already know, your company provides something astoundingly special to anyone with a love for the game of golf.

Ed Prutschi, Canada

Ronnie, I just wanted to write to thank you for setting up our recent golf vacation. It was great. I told my wife “it was everything I thought it would be and more”.

You did an excellent job arranging a wonderful trip.

Larry and I would love to come back and when we do we will certainly use Scotland Golf Tours.

Tony Harbin, USA