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Midwest Ireland

Arrive into Shannon Airport and you will find a great selection of famous and not so famous links courses scattered up the west coast. There are some crackers just off the beaten track so if a leisurely paced holiday is what you are after, exploring some of Ireland’s more country areas, you will come across some wonderful locations and golf courses. As they are a little more remote the prices are a little less too!

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East Coast Ireland

This tour will suit those who prefer to stay in the same hotel and drive to the golf courses each day. We have selected the vibrant city of Dublin to base your tour in and the courses are all within easy driving distances each day – some to the north, some to the south. Dublin is a great city to spend some time in and the golf nearby is also exceptional.

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Luxury Ireland

This 12 night tour includes 7 rounds of top quality golf and a few days in the main tourist areas enjoying the local attractions including Cork and Dublin. The Irish road network is good between the main cities, so getting around is easy. When you are away from the main roads though, keep an eye open for the occasional donkey!

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Northern Charm

You will have heard about Royal Portrush, venue of the 2019 British Open. It is Northern Ireland’s jewel in the crown, but don’t be fooled into thinking this is the only golfing challenge. The courses in this tour are all great tracks, some are a little out of the way but well worth the effort to get to. This is one of the quieter corners of the country where the air is clear and the locals don’t even lock their doors at night! If you are looking for a quiet week enjoying some fine food, and playing great courses look closely at this one!

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South Western Delights

The SW of Ireland is world famous for great golf courses, and this tour takes you round them all. From the dramatic Old Head to the rolling links of Ballybunion, this tour offer some of the best golfing experiences known in Ireland. Killarney is also a fun town to stay in with plenty of music bars, great restaurants and endless supplies of great Guinness!

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